Signs I’ve Given Up Being Cool

Scott Wakefield   -  

Okay, so this doesn’t have much redeeming value and certainly doesn’t have… well… anything to do with church or following Jesus, but I thought I’d share with you something with which many of you can probably identify. A few mornings ago, as I was pulling out of the driveway with the kids in the back seat, I noticed 3 signs I’ve arrived at that point of apathy about being cool that comes with parenthood and a little age.

I’m driving a minivan with a few dings in the back and I really don’t care… in the least. It needs a few things done to it. The shocks need to be replaced. The brakes squeak. The engine sounds, well, like it doesn’t work… well. But I really don’t care. So, I’m a 36-year-old man, sitting in line to pick up my daughter at school… driving a minivan. And I have no goal to drive anything fancier.


My daughter asked me to hold her windchime she made in VBS this past summer. It’s a little upside down clay pot with a few colorful beads and bells hanging on some wire. So, being an in-the-tank parent, I say with enthusiasm, “Why don’t I put it on the rear view mirror?!” And I realized a few seconds after I’d attached it, ‘Wow, that really does look pretty dorky!’ And, finally…


I’d been looking for literally the last few years for those clip-on sunglasses that will fit over my glasses. Y’know, the ones you find in Walgreens or CVS that are all together on a display. But I hadn’t been able to find ones that fit my nerdy hipster Verizon-guy glasses… until last week. It said, “Fits plastic frames.” I finally found them, and I was excited! I even tried on those gargantuan plastic sunglasses that fit over the entire frame, just to see. And I was excited. Actually excited that I finally found them.

So here I am, 36-year-old man, pulling out of my driveway in the morning in a dinged-up minivan, with my child’s homemade wind chime hanging from the rear-view mirror, and goofy clip-on sunglasses… signs I’ve given up being cool. At least I’m not wearing those clip-ons with the flip-up shades my grandpa used to wear… at least not yet!