A series all about “Great Questions”!

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Famous atheist Richard Dawkins believes faith in God is a giant delusion that “teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.” Wow. Is Dawkins right? Is belief in God ultimately willful ignorance of evidence? Does a Christian account of reality mean being satisfied with not understanding the world?!
These are “Great Questions” that require great answers! This summer at First Christian Church, we are answering 9 of today’s most pressing questions and we think God has provided great answers you can’t find elsewhere! So come join us and let’s learn together how a Christian account of the world is the best explanation of reality!
  • Jun 16 – “Does God Exist?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Jun 23 – “Is the New Testament a Reliable Source of Truth?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Jun 30 – “How Can we Know the Bible is God’s Word?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Jul 7 – “What is the Trinity and is it Biblical?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Jul 14 – “Does God Choose Us or Do We Choose God?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Jul 21 – “Did Jesus Really Claim to Be God and How Is He The Only Way To Salvation?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Jul 28 – “Are Miracles Real and Did Jesus Actually Rise From The Dead?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Aug 4 – “What is the Relationship Between God and Evil in the World?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Aug 11 – “What Does Jesus Say About Homosexuality?” (Watch the sermon!)
  • Aug 18 – “What About the Role of Women in Church?” (Watch the sermon!)

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