Sun, Sep 22, 2019

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Upcoming “Go!” Series and Campaign to Create More Space at Greeneville and More Momentum at Afton!

Our next series is 4-weeks based on the idea that God has called us to move beyond settling for self into the maturity of living as a missionary to others. In fact, many people came to Jesus with problems they wanted fixed and he said “Go!” because the help they really needed was found in the going.

So, as I’ve mentioned a couple times recently, we’ll also be using this series as a way to help us achieve our vision of being a campus-launching strategy. You see, at our Greeneville campus, we have lots of people not yet serving, but little seating capacity in worship. At the same time, we have a lots of seating capacity in worship at Afton and plenty of places to serve. So we’re hoping and praying that 50 Greeneville folks who aren’t yet serving at Greeneville will move to our Afton campus and begin to serve! This will help us “Create more space at Greeneville and more momentum at Afton!”

We’ll give you more specifics in a couple weeks, but here are a few reasons to make the decision to “Go!” to Afton.

  • Tyson is too silly and not serious about doing church, whereas Tommy is very serious about doing church. (Joking, of course! In fact, this was Tyson’s joke initially because, well, he’s too silly!) ;o)
  • It’s a shorter drive to the Afton campus (Chuckey-Doak High School) from your home? You graduated from CDHS? You’ve always wanted to go to church in an area named after a river in Scotland?
  • You have unchurched friends who would feel more comfortable walking onto a school campus to attend church than a traditional church building.
  • You aren’t plugged in serving yet but know you could push a case, sweep a floor, or set up tables. As a portable campus, Afton needs lots of these setup/cleanup volunteers.
  • You are in a Life Group with someone who attends the Afton campus. Life Groups are best when everyone attends the same campus. How about your entire small group start serving together on Sun mornings at Afton?
  • Your heart beats for the almost 10,000+ unchurched people who live in the CDHS school district (61% of the 16,000 in this district) and you are willing to be a missionary helping them find and follow Jesus, whether any of the above reasons apply to you or not!

Please be praying with us, that we would not settle for self, but that we would all be missionaries who “Go!” to the lost in Greene County.

Some Interesting and Helpful “Did You Know?!” Tidbits

  • Our website is now searchable. So, if you’re caught in the middle of an intense theological debacle about, hopefully, one of the very, very few Great Questions Answered we have online, say, whether the Bible teaches a geocentric or heliocentric view, just go to and search, “geocentric”, and, Boom!, you’re ready.
  • New version of Next Steps, with updated content and videos, coming in Oct! If you haven’t done Next Steps, which is a requirement for membership at FCC, the first Sunday in October would be a good time to jump in and get started.
  • Each week’s sermon manuscript can be seen/downloaded at
  • High Schoolers are invited to join us at Great Questions on Monday nights, 7:30-8:30p.
  • Some Great Questions folks just attended a one-day Apologetics Seminar with Frank Turek, author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be An Atheist, a book that informed about half of this past summer series and that we have available in The Hub.
  • A few pretty cool (mostly new) pieces of info about our Safety Response Team:
    • At our Greeneville location, we have a new AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in the front porch area.
    • Our SRT and paid staff are soon undergoing training in both the new AED and to receive CPR certification.
    • Our SRT will be soon be required, as are all paid staff and volunteer kids/students workers, to go through Safeguarding God’s Children, our abuse prevention training.
    • Since day one of our Afton location, we have had a uniformed police officer on-campus and have found it to be a very helpful addition and are planning to soon have a uniformed officer at our Greeneville location!
    • Friendly Reminder… All our SRT members undergo criminal background checks, as do all our paid staff and volunteer kids/students workers.
  • We have a new FCC Resident: Abby Applegate! Abby has been an FCCer for a couple years now, has an interest in vocational church ministry, especially in Kids Min, and will be putting in some extra time to learn the ropes as a Resident. Great to have you on the team, Abby!

Parents Email for Kids Min (which is new!) and 180 Students

Last week I’ll include this… If you’re not already signed up for the Parent Email for 180 Students or the new Parent Email for Kids Min make sure you do so, to keep up on the latest kids info, like, Did you know our elementary kids are singing in adult worship on Sun, Oct 10?! Yep. Links to the songs they’re singing are in one of the Kids Min Parent Emails. That way you can rock out with your kids in the minivan on the way home from school!

“What must a person do to be saved?” – Part 2: How to Receive God’s Grace

Sorry, didn’t get to finishing this week’s “Great Questions Answered”. We’ll get back to it next week.

Friendly reminder that you can get to Great Questions Answered by going to the shortlink