Sun, Nov 10, 2019

Scott Wakefield   -  

Quick Update re our “GO!” Campaign to Create More Space at Greeneville and More Momentum at Afton

  • Bigtime thanks to the 10-12 who have already made the switch and the 17 who have indicated interest in finding out more about GOing to Afton! Because we are looking for 50 to help us Create more space at Greeneville and momentum at Afton, this means we need quite a few more people willing to consider whether they are called to GO. If you’re a Greeneville campus person, have you asked God if you’re supposed to go or stay? If so, and you’ve got your answer–great! If not, well then…
  • If you are even just interested in finding out more about what is involved in making the switch, check the box on this form and we’ll follow up with you.
  • If you need info re why are we doing this, read ”New GO!” Series and Campaign…” for details/rationale or go to Next Steps to gain more vision for why we are continuing to turn all our people and processes into a campus-launching strategy.

Quick Challenge to Cultivate FCC Habit #4 to Seek God in Prayer and Word Instead of… Not Needing To

I read something recently that said that the problem with preachers today is that nobody wants to kill them. So I thought I’d share an offensive recurring thought I keep having that will hopefully put me in your crosshairs! ;o)

If you are not desperately seeking God in prayer and Word, it is because your mission doesn’t need it.

When your main goal for the day is to avoid pain because you’re in love with yourself and focused on your earthly goals, who needs the Holy Spirit?! When your money and time are intentionally oriented toward feeling better because you are an insecure and unhealthy self-addict, who needs to consult God’s plans?! When your parenting is primarily about demanding your kids’ obedience or ensuring their worldly security, who needs to even consider God’s Kingdom goals for their lives?!

Does your mission demand that you desperately seek His help in prayer and in the Word?

A Few Friendly Reminders…

  • Small but Important Tweak to Great Questions – For Great Questions, which happens on Monday nights at 7:30-8:30p at our Greeneville campus, we’ve added the option of turning in a question anonymously beforehand. You can do so on your Connect Card, on a 3×5 card (which we’ll have handy at Great Questions), by emailing [email protected], or by texting the question to 97000.
  • Help us send Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes – We usually end up needing a few thousand dollars to help send a couple/few hundred boxes, so if you can help with that, just specify “Operation Christmas Child” on your check or online, or text “help” to 84321 and follow the instructions.
  • We’ve got Updated Next Steps Videos – Content in Next Steps has just been revamped to include missing and new content and vision, so, if you haven’t yet done so, now would be a great time to sign up.
  • Don’t Forget to Renew Your Membership – We have long needed better ways to track our people better, to help us shepherd well, and to prevent lapsed members, but going multisite ( has exacerbated all that. (For further details as to why we’re doing this, check out this previous Great Questions Answered, “Why are we making changes to membership requirements…?” and this Fall Update Letter from the Elders.) Make sure you fill out the renewal and survey if you haven’t yet. It takes just a minute or two to do so here…

Great Questions Answered: “Should Christians observe the Sabbath day?”

Note: (1) Friendly reminder that you can get to previous Great Questions Answered by going to the shortlink (2) We’ll get back to “Part 2” of “What do we do about the presence of both the regenerate and unregenerate in the local church?” next week. But I thought we’d share an extended answer to a question we answered in a recent session of “Great Questions” that someone submitted by texting to 97000.

Please note that we are not trying to answer whether Christians should still follow a regular pattern of sabbath rest, as a principle. The quick and easy answer to that is… Keep reading…