180 Mission Trip – Kenya 2020

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What is this event?

In 2015, our student ministry got the chance to go on a mission trip to Kenya to visit the Barrons, FCC sponsored missionaries. It was a life changing trip for our students. Even now, they bring it up with each other, almost five years later. In Kenya, the students got to witness firsthand how big our God truly is and see what it is like to be a missionary and a Christian halfway across the world. Now, in 2020, after having the Barrons here on furlough last year, we are ready to take a new set of students to experience foreign missions in the country of Kenya.

Upcoming Fundraisers and Ways to Give:

Applebee’s Pancake Fundraiser: Sat, Jan 25 from 8-10a. $5 a ticket.

Super Bowl Subs Fundraiser: Sun, Feb 2. $8 for a seven-inch sub, or $10 to add a bag of chips. Order your subs by clicking this link.

Text “help” to 84321, or give in an envelope on Sunday, and specify using the word “Kenya”.

Donate online here.

What vaccinations do the students need?

Find out which vaccinations are needed by visiting this website.

Book a yellow fever vaccination here.

Passport “how to”, price, and application:

Find out what pricing looks like here.

Apply for a passport using this form.

Set up an appointment at the USPS here for turning in an application and getting a picture taken.

What’s the schedule going to be? 

Jun 14-15: Travel to Kenya.

Jun 16-17: Orientation with the Barrons and mission sites in Nairobi. Visit to Kibera slums.

Jun 18-21: Mission work with Maasai tribe.

Jun 22-23: Safari resort.

Jun 24: Time with the Barrons and an opportunity to buy souvenirs.

Jun 25-26: Travel back to Greeneville.

Those going, whom you can pray for:

The Barrons; Jody, Tessa, and Sage Gourley; Avery Clark; Cadence Ashcroft; Wes and Ainsley Ford; Hannah Brooks; Scott and Sophie Wakefield; Micheal Schubert; Ben Paul; Tommy Staggs.