Summer Cancellations

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With so many unknowns during COVID-19, we at FCC desire to provide a safe and healthy environment for you, your kids, and your students. In light of this, the following summer events have been canceled on behalf of FCC or the event coordinators.

Camp in the City

We are sad to inform you that Camp in the City will no longer be happening this year. All families who have signed up their kids should have received an email and phone call from our Kids Director, Ben Weaver. For more general info regarding this cancellation, make sure you receive our Kids Min emails.


MIX & MOVE at Lee University, both planned for Jun and Jul of 2020, have been canceled. Our hope is to do something in place of these events toward the end of July or beginning of August. For updates, make sure you sign up for our 180 Parent Emails.

Thank you for being bought into FCC’s mission of Helping kids and students find and follow Jesus. Please continue to join us in prayer as we begin to plan and prepare for the summer of 2020.