Sun, Mar 28, 2021

Scott Wakefield   -  

Welcome New Peeps! – We’ve  apparently had a good 2+ dozen brand new FCCers begin attending in-person the last 5-6 weeks while I’ve been on sabbatical, so we wanna welcome you and I wanna letcha know I’m looking forward to getting to know y’all, whether you’re a new East Tennessean or a veteran Greene Countian! And if you’re a veteran FCCer, please help us warmly welcome our new friends, show them how to download our app, take them out to lunch, invite them to your Life Group, and let them know how things work around here! :o)

Good Friday & Easter Plans – Go to for details, but basic gist is that Good Friday is at Afton only and then we do 3 in-person services at both locations! Please pray for opportunities to extend God’s Kingdom in Greene County this Easter. Pick up an invite card and pray for an opportunity this week to invite someone to join us next Sunday to celebrate the/our Resurrection!

Need Easter Week Volunteer Help in Kids Min – Speaking of Good Friday and Easter, we could really use some extra volunteer help in Kids Min. Please see Charity Damrau or a staffer or someone with a lanyard.

Pine Cove City Coming Fast – Think camp, but daytime only, in the city, and at church, and with super-well-trained college students and young adults who are fired up to teach kids about how God created and loves them. It’s high energy and done with excellence! Go to for details. This is a major Kids Min event and outreach we did 2 years with great success! We are shooting for 130 kids, and wanna help fund as many beyond our own kids in the community, to teach them the love of Jesus and to help let Greene County families know we are for them and have a loving church family ready to help them grow. It’s not cheap, (though it’s totally worth it), so we need the congregation‘s help above and beyond our normal giving to help make it happen. You can give at the link. Please pray with us for PCC to help us reach kids and families in our community.

Spacing of Seating in Worship – Again, friendly reminder that, for a little while longer, we need your help in keeping 2 chairs between each group/family. At Greeneville, we’ve recently rejiggered chairs again by removing a row to ensure plenty of space between each row. Also, if you’re regularly a 2nd service attender, it would help us if you came to the 8:45a service to create more capacity at 10a, especially as people continue trickling back from Covid.

Brown Bags & Bibles and Coffee Convos are Back – This past Tue, Mark Liebert and I began a new series on the “Order of Salvation”, which is a systematic walk through the logical parts and steps of what happens in God saving His people. We did “Election” part 1 and will finish with part 2 this Tue. Catch up on the “Watch” tab on our app. Also, this past Wed, we chatted with our own Wes Ford, Tech/Video Director, on Coffee Convos. We had a really great conversation about ministry and how God has been faithful in his life and family. (Also on the “Watch” tab.) Now that I’m back from sabbatical, join us for BB&B on Tuesdays at noon and CC on Wednesdays at 7:30p (or afterwards on our app, Facebook, and YouTube.)

Sabbatical Report – I’ve got lots of thoughts and not lots of time/space to finish them, so I’m punting till later this week for an update to ST that will have… words. We’ll letcha know via txt, socials, etc.