Let’s be real. We all need a safe place to work through the great questions of life that deal with God, truth, sexuality, why we exist, and why there is so much pain and suffering, but safe places that can help you meaningfully work through such questions are increasingly rare in our world today!

If you or someone you love is struggling with intellectual and emotional questions that don’t have easy answers, “Great Questions” is a safe place to work through them because your questions help set the agenda!

Get a taste for how Great Questions works…

Flow of Night:

  • 7:30p – Welcome & Introductions
  • Explanation of Ground Rules (see below)
  • The First Question: “What does FCC believe?” (Takes 2 mins.)
  • Whaddya wanna talk about? (Questions may be submitted verbally, or anonymously, on a 3×5 card, by texting it to 97000, or emailing it to [email protected].)
  • 8:30p – Dismiss

Ground Rules:

These Ground Rules are important for creating a safe place for participants to meaningfully work through questions and struggles, learn what God says about them, and examine the veracity of Christian faith.

  1. We are here to seek answers to questions together. (Form of question, please.)
  2. Only Great Questions Facilitators can answer questions. (Dialogue is between the Asker & the GQFs only.)
  3. Not all questions are created equal. (Essentials–Convictions–Opinions Chart)
  4. It may take more than one week. (Truth takes time. No one is an oracle.)
  5. Treat one another with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15)

Come join us on Monday nights at 7:30p at our Greeneville Campus! Childcare provided. No need to sign up; just show up. If you’ve got any questions, or to submit a question beforehand, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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