The Neals

"Going into re|engage, we felt like our marriage was good but not thriving. We knew we loved each other but there was definitely a lack of communication and a feeling of being stuck. With work and kids, it felt like we were just going through the motions together and we felt like we needed to take steps to work towards a healthier/happier marriage. The program was hard at first because we each had to turn the focus from blaming each other to really just examining ourselves. This idea of drawing a circle around yourself and only focusing on the person inside the circle was humbling. There were weeks where we felt so far apart and weeks where we never felt closer as a couple. One of the most beneficial take-aways that came from Re|engage is that we learned about conflict resolution (a.k.a how to fight fair). We learned that you can talk about problems/issues/disagreements without it being an argument. Learning to genuinely listen to each other and show grace, patience and love in moments where we really don’t want to. Re|engage “forced” us to commit to each other one night a week. We realized that we have never done this, especially since having children. We didn’t put our marriage first or schedule time for us to just be together. We schedule kids activities, family activities, school activities and so many other things, why wouldn’t we schedule in time for each other? Re|engage helped us to realize that this is important and it’s something we have made conscious effort to continue. We still don’t have a perfect marriage (and never will) but Re|engage definitely equipped us with resources we desperately need. We gained mentors and friends who pray for us and our marriage, we heard testimonies from other couples who helped us to not feel so alone and we learned the value in serving together as a couple. We are so thankful for this marriage ministry opportunity because it has helped us draw closer to God and each other."