Next Steps is our main environment for learning about and connecting to the 7 Habits, redesigned during Fall 2020 for greater effectiveness.

Why a new Next Steps process?

  • Need to streamline process
  • Need to connect new people better
  • Need to (re)connect FCCers returning from Covid
  • Need to intentionality integrate the 7 Habits better, in our processes and programming

How is the new Next Steps different?

  • Shorter and more flexible, with a video curriculum that can be completed in one 30-minute session on the app (not available till Mon, Oct 6).
  • Better with follow-up, with an entire Next Steps Team focused on helping mentor participants
  • More tailored approach to connecting people to FCC, with each participant
  • Ongoing 7-Habits-based growth and learning environment that will help both new and veteran FCCers integrate the 7 Habits into their lives

How does it work?

  1. Watch 25 minutes of 7 Habits videos, on-demand, on the app, (choose “Next Steps”, then proceed through each 7H video).
  2. Connect with a Next Steps Mentor on a Sunday morning by going to The Hub or taking to someone with a lanyard.
  3. Develop your personal 7 Habits Growth Plan in ongoing conversation with your Next Steps Mentor.

*Next Steps is no longer on Monday evenings.

Questions? Email us.

What is a 7 Habits Growth Plan?

It’s a written plan for your growth, developed in ongoing conversation with your Next Steps Mentor, that answers these kinds of questions…

  1. What’s your story? Tell us about yourself and help us get to know you. (What makes you tick? How do you spend your time? Any hobbies?)
  2. What has your past involvement looked like in… Workplace? Church? Serving? Small Groups? Leadership?
  3. Have you watched the 7H videos? Any questions?
  4. Where do you need growth and/or health?
  5. Where do you see yourself getting involved at FCC? What’s your first actual step?

(Why “written”? Because you haven’t thought it through and committed till you’ve written it down.)