Next Steps is our main environment for learning about and connecting to the 7 Habits, redesigned during Fall 2020 for greater effectiveness.

Why a new Next Steps process?

  • Need to streamline process
  • Need to connect new people better
  • Need to (re)connect FCCers returning from Covid
  • Need to intentionality integrate the 7 Habits better, in our processes and programming

How is the new Next Steps different?

  • Shorter and more flexible, with a video curriculum that can be completed in one 30-minute session on the app (not available till Mon, Oct 6).
  • Easier to complete, with one in-person session on Monday nights (instead of 4 Sunday morning sessions)
  • Better with follow-up, with an entire Next Steps Team focused on helping mentor participants
  • More tailored approach to connecting people to FCC, with each participant
  • Ongoing 7-Habits-based growth and learning environment that will help both new and veteran FCCers integrate the 7 Habits into their lives

What does the new Next Steps look like?

2 main requirements:

(1) Complete 25 minutes of 7 Habits videos and Next Steps Guide, on-demand, on the app.

(2) Attend one Monday night Next Steps session, at our Greeneville campus, to connect with a Next Steps Mentor.

  • 6:30p – Worship
  • 6:45p – Transition to VHQ
  • 6:50 – Welcome & Intro
  • 7p – Teaching – We will be publishing topics beforehand, rotating between 7 Habits and other generic topics.
    • 7-Habits-Based Examples: “Worship as Warfare in the Bible”; “How We Integrate the Leadership Pipeline into our Serving Teams”; “3 Factors That Make my Life Group Amazing”; “Why Every Adult Christian Should go Through Re:gen, Even if ‘you don’t need it!’”; “5 Important Basics of Biblical Hermeneutics & Interpretation”; “Help! My Kid Wants to Get Baptized but I don’t Know What to Say”; “Writing Your Tell the Story Testimony”; etc.
    • Generic Examples: “Knock Out all Next Steps Videos in One Night”; “Our Vision for Next Gen”, “… Kids”, “… Students”, etc., or “How Catalyst Coffee Ministers to our Community”, or “FCC’s Multisite Strategy: What’s Next?”
  • 7:10p – Q&A re Content & Connections
    • Content: “Hey, I’m still not clear on why Abraham setting up altars in a foreign land constitutes worship as warfare. Could you explain that again?”, etc.
    • Connections: “Could you tell me more about what you do for Students when it comes to helping them serve?” or “What is the church’s stance on…?”, etc.
  • 7:20p – Connect with Next Steps Mentor
  • 7:30p – Dismissal & Afterglow – Anyone there for just the 7-7:30p content can leave, while we’ll have Next Steps Mentors stick around to continue discussing connections and details re follow-up, answering questions, etc.

When does this new redesigned Next Steps launch?

We begin Mon, Oct 5, 2020! We’ll be publishing upcoming topics soon, but we plan to use the first couple nights as a “soft launch” to present what this new Next Steps looks like and show how it works, in practical terms, on the app, and allow for Q & A. If you’re coming because you’re interested in membership or have other questions, you should definitely still come!