We think everyone should experience the missional synergy of serving on an effective team—learning-by-serving!

“What are the basics of serving on the team?”

  • Each Team has a Director, Coaches, and Leaders, one of whom will train you for ministry and support your growth. Along with your Small Group Leader (www.connectinasmallgroup.org), this Team Director, Coach, or Leader serves as one of your two main mentors in learning the 7 Habits and growing in Christ.
  • Each Team adheres to our Team Code, which are 7 maxims that guide team culture.
  • Each Team works within our Leadership Pipeline framework.
  • We believe in learning-by-serving so much that we ask every team member to do a recurring 6-Month Review (January and July) to ensure that your service is effective and fulfilling.

“On what teams can I begin serving?”

  • Admin (publications, office support)
  • Care (notecards, visit, prayer, care)
  • Creative (aesthetics, photography, videography)
  • Facilities (property, maintenance)
  • Guests (first impressions, environments, food/catering, safety response)
  • Kids (newborn-5th grade) – Requires criminal background check.
  • Next Steps (connections, engagement)
  • Re|engage (marriage prep/enrichment)
  • re:gen (recovery, discipleship)
  • Students (6th-12th grade) — Requires criminal background check.
  • Tech (audio, visual, production/editing)

“Worship one. Serve one.” — This is not one of the 7 Habits, but this is how we verbalize our Sunday morning strategy. We want our people to attend a service and to serve during a service. This helps us do more than just create an environment where our people are engaged in the first two of the 7 Habits. It helps us create a warm and loving Sunday morning environment that is focused on serving our guests and connecting them with our mission.

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