King Jesus Versus Jezebel
Scott Wakefield   -  

“The main point of the letter to the church in Thyatira is that they need to exclude the unrepentant Jezebel. This passage indicates that this Jezebel has been called to repentance but has refused to repent, and now the church is tolerating her in her unrepentant state. Jesus promises to judge her and her children, and he threatens those who do not belong to her but who commit adultery with her with the same judgment that he will bring upon Jezebel. It seems, then, that the church in Thyatira should have excluded Jezebel but is instead tolerating her. Jesus announces to the church that he is going to judge her, and he will not show any favoritism to her or to those who have indulged in evil with her. The church in Thyatira needs to exclude Jezebel. They should not fail to do so because she is attractive, eloquence, or influential or because she claims to be a prophet. They must do what they know to be right.” -James Hamilton