6th - 12th Grade

Coronavirus Strategy

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We are working to create a healthy and safe environment where students, both Christian and non-Christian, will experience life change by daily making a 180-degree turn from sin to a life-giving relationship with Jesus.

Putting feet to this mission statement happens most at ONEEIGHTY, our weekly large group meeting. We meet every Wed from 6:00–7:30p. The basic format includes: group games/mixers, funny videos, a call to worship, singing and scripture, teaching message, small groups (we spend at least 30 minutes in small groups each night), and announcements. Then we end with some snacks, games, and hang out time at 7:30p and invite students to hang around for a while if they are able. We have a great environment for students to interact with game tables, outdoor games (weather permitting), and an engaging Student Center for those just looking for a comfortable place to sit and talk.

We also participate in many special activities and events:

  • Mission trips – Both local (Rogersville, Knoxville) and foreign (Puerto Rico, Kenya).
  • Worship/Conference Events – Both weekend events (Believe, Disciple Now) and week-long summer events (MIXMOVE).
  • Service Projects – Our small groups participate in service projects together (Hope Center, Habitat for Humanity).
  • Fun Events – Concerts, Hiking, Paintball, Ultimate Frisbee, etc.

These are meant to be the types of activities that supplement our regular ministries in ways that create special memories and help provide an environment for developing a faith that expresses itself in practical ways.